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Brick Wall

Brick Wall
Engraved brick
Have your own brick engraved and your name will be embedded in the history of this building forever.

We will be engraving brick orders bi-weekly and we will lay the bricks in the wall twice per year. This would make a great gift to any craft beer lover and definitely a great gift to yourself! If you have any questions about the bricks please email


Price =  $255.00 (including HST)
Dump Truck
The Dump Truck Story

Courtesy of Denise Lorraine, first responder

“That fateful Monday changed my life, I watched as the truck barely missed my police cruiser and as it hit the brick wall I was calling in the report on the radio.

Running like hell, bricks were falling all around when I climbed in to reach the cab of the truck as I attempted to ascertain how hurt the driver was, he was in shock and bleeding but conscious. I scrambled out of the building running smack into the Fire Chief from the station across the street. He was barking orders at me I told him “Chief help is on the way – the Sargent, labour board, ambulance, and the Inspector are all notified, get your crew into action I have things to check” and I ran to jump in the cruiser to see if he had killed anyone else at the two stop signs and the stoplight that he blew through at the four Bank branches there.”


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