True Brew Path

True Brew Path

Combine your passion for fresh beer with your taste for adventure and check out the True Brew Path in the Heart of Ontario. You’ll see how craft beer is becoming a big part of our red-hot, culinary scene and be amazed at the loads of fun things to do as you move along the Path to taste the coolest artisanal beers of six independent breweries.

Enjoy a little sipping with your sightseeing? You’re in luck. The True Brew Path gives you the opportunity to discover trails, brewers, and shopping in Milton, the many meanings of ‘flight’ in Oakville, Burlington’s best bets, flights, paddles, and hops in Brantford, and taste your way around Hamilton/Dundas.

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Newest Addition to the Shawn & Ed Brewing Company Team

Newest Addition to the Shawn & Ed Brewing Company Team

Studebaker ½ ton pickup truck, Model 2R5 – Serial Number HR5-1275

Studebaker is the only car company to ever manufacture vehicles in Hamilton.  In 1946, Studebaker of Canada Ltd. acquired the 7 ½ acre anti-aircraft gun factory located on Victoria Avenue North, and converted it into a car and light truck production facility. The first Hamilton-made Studebaker’s rolled of the Victoria Avenue assembly line in August of 1948, and the plant produced its last vehicle March 16, 1966.

Studebaker produced its Canadian market 2R5 pick-up truck in Hamilton from 1949-1953.  It was the first truck ever produced in North America without exposed running boards and with a double sided pickup bed that was smooth on both the inside and outside.  Over its 5-year production run in Hamilton, Studebaker produced a total of 6,602 2R5 trucks, of which few survive today.

Our 1949 Studebaker 2R5 was delivered new to a barley farmer outside Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  It originally had red paint, some of which can still be seen inside the cab area.  It is a one-family owned example that spent its entire life working on a barley farm producing malts for the beer industry.

We are happy to bring our Studebaker back to her birthplace in Hamilton, and look forward to preserving another piece of Hamilton heritage, and extending her life in the beer industry as a part of the Shawn & Ed Brewing Company Team!

Adventurous is: Racing in the Mille Miglia

For us, we embrace the idea that adventure is good. We believe that there is nothing more important than pushing your limits and taking the road less traveled in every aspect of life. It is this idea of adventure that made Shawn & Ed want to open a brewery together.

It is also this idea of adventure that has encouraged Shawn to race in the Mille Miglia every year. The Mille Miglia is an annual classic car race through Italy – travelling from Brescia to Rome and back. This year, Shawn is racing his 1929 Chrysler 75.

The very first Mille Miglia (thousand miles) was in 1927 and took place twenty four times until 1957. It was then reborn in 1977 as a regularity race for classic and vintage cars produced no later than 1957. This will be Shawn’s 5th time participating in the race. Follow along with us this week as we support Shawn and guide you through the Mille Miglia 2016.

Everyone here at the brewery is cheering Shawn in his quest for victory (which may be simply finishing the race given his car was built in 1929).

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Shawn & 1929 Chrysler 75Shawn's 1929 Chrysler 75 (left) Shawn and Leanne