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The beers brewed here are for people who embrace the idea that adventure is good, that it builds character, makes dreams come true, and brings life to its fullest.

The focus has always and will always be on quality not quantity. In all of our brews we use four natural ingredients: water, malted barley, hops, and yeast. We aim to create sessionable and flavourful lagers; and unique Pinot Noir barrel aged ales.


LAGERSHED beers are brewed with the kind of craftsmanship that went into beer making before it became a high volume business. Our brew master prepares LAGERSHED beers for everyday enjoyment using natural, simple ingredients carefully crafted to deliver the great taste adventure only possible when you brew for quality not quantity.


BARRELSHED brews are like nothing else you’ll find. They are craft brewed then aged gently in wine barrels to produce unique, flavour-filled taste adventures. Available in smaller batches, BARRELSHED is for those who like to take the road less travelled, to seek adventure that few dare to try because they know new adventures deliver the best rewards.

The program will use a variety of beer styles to match to the woody, lightly acidic red wine characteristics. The perfectly-balanced flavour profiles will utilize a variety of malts and hops to provide distinctive oak affected beers that benefit from slow oxidation to generate lengthy, burnt flavours with a light to moderate bitter finish.



LagerShed Original LabelLAGERSHED Original


Bottom fermented pilsner style lager beer. An elegant beer, brilliant gold in colour, has a dry body and is balanced, with a subtle yet distinct hop profile. Its crisp, clean taste is a reflection of using quality Bavarian hops and malt.
5.2% ABV   |   18 IBU

Available in 6-pack bottles and our NEW single serve 473 mL aluminum bottle.







LagerShed Darker LabelLAGERSHED Darker

A classic, bottom fermented dark beer. This full bodied yet easy drinking lager has a deep caramel colour and rich roasted malt flavour. Subtle nutty, biscuit and chocolate aromas are your first impression of this lager. On the palate, creamy and almost coffee like flavours invade your taste buds finishing with a distinctive leafy hop bitterness combined with some malt sweetness. A true dark quaffing beer.20161007_20two19_socialsized_009__dsc0906
5.5% ABV   |   29 IBU

Lagershed_label_LIGHTER_revisedLAGERSHED Lighter

A unique, all-malt – no adjunct – full-bodied – elbow-bender with a moderate kick. The same quality ingredients as our lager with a unique south of the equator hop finish.20161007_20two19_socialsized_007__dsc0904
4.2% ABV   |   22 IBU

BarrelShed No.1 LabelBARRELSHED No.1                          

A noticeable deep amber to ruby colour with a dense off-white head.
Consistent front to finish hopping (37 IBU) with some pine, citrus rind, nectarine & grass flavours. The hopping is balanced by a biscuit-like malt body with hints of toffee & caramel and a pleasant fruitiness from the yeast.
A slight alcohol warmth and a light residual sweetness with a moderately dry finish.

            6.5% ABV 20161007_20two19_socialsized_010__dsc0907   |   37 IBU


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