Welcome to the Shawn & Ed Brewing Company. It all started more than 25 years ago with two friend’s dream to one day open up a brewery. The dream began to come to life three years ago at Shawn’s cottage. With the two of us sitting by the lake, beers in hand, we looked at each other and asked “Is it time?” We knew it was.

Authenticity was key, which meant no short cuts and taking our time to find the perfect location to brew the best possible beer. When the old Dundas Curling and Skating Rink went up for sale a couple of years ago, we knew we had found the perfect location. What Canadian wouldn’t want to put a brewery inside an old curling and skating rink?

This building has a tremendous amount of character and history and our mission was to restore as much of it as possible. We wanted the Shawn & Ed Brewing Company to bring the building’s rich history back to life.

So, we ran a Kickstarter campaign in June 2015 to help raise money to restore key historical elements of the building. We rebuilt the wall that was destroyed when a dump truck crashed into it after having lost its brakes on Sydenham Hill (read more about this story on the Bricks page). We brought back the signs that once hung here when the building was home to the Highway King Bus Line.

Although we take pride in the restoration of the historic landmark, what really drives us is great tasting beer. To that end, we strive to produce the best possible beer using natural ingredients, and brewing with great care and craftsmanship. For us, opening a craft brewery has been an adventure and each new beer we produce is a new adventure. The beers brewed here are for people who embrace the idea that adventure is good, that it builds character, makes dreams come true, and brings life to its fullest. 


Ed Madronich, President & Co-founder

Ed started his career in beverage/alcohol working as Director of Marketing for Inniskillin wines at VinCor (now Constellation Brands). In 1999 Ed and his father, Ed Sr., purchased land in Jordan, ON and began working to open Flat Rock Cellars. By 2005, Flat Rock Cellars opened its doors with a state of the art Gravity fed production facility. Now, with friend and business partner Shawn Till, Ed’s goal of entering into the craft beer industry is finally coming to fruition.

Shawn Till, Vice President & Co-Founder

Shawn is an engineer and is the Chief Executive Officer at Primary Integration located in the U.S. He has always been passionate about beer and always dreamed of one day opening a brewery of his own. With friend and business partner Ed Madronich, this dream is becoming a reality.

Rob Creighton, Brewmaster 

Rob Creighton has been in the brewing industry for nearly 40 years, the last 25 of which ‎have been in the craft beer industry. As a craft beer pioneer, Rob brings a wealth of diverse experience to the Shawn & Ed Brewing Co.

Jennifer Hart, Director of Sales & Marketing 

Jennifer has always been passionate about local craft wine and beer. That’s why she transitioned from the music industry to work at Flat Rock Cellars which happily lead her to working with Shawn & Ed Brewing Co. She completed her WSET Diploma in 2015, and now with her entry into the Ontario Craft Beer industry, the ever curious and ambitious Jennifer is eager to begin her Cicerone certification.

Nicole Mangiacotte, Quality and Process Control Manager

Nicole’s background in Chemical Engineering from McMaster University is what first introduced her to the world of brewing. Her enjoyment of craft beer motivates her to ensure that every customer of Shawn & Ed Brewing Co. receives a high-quality product.

Taryn Gingrich, Event Manager 

Taryn has always been passionate about three things: travelling, talking and tasting. After travelling the high seas working aboard cruise ships Taryn returned to dry land to pursue a career where she could talk for a living (aka. sales)! She then decided she wanted to have something more worthwhile to talk about, and went back to school to study public relations at Mohawk College. Taryn helped the brewery with the launch of our aluminum bottles in summer 2018 and fell in love with the taste of our beer. Shortly after, she came onboard as our resident Event & Retail Coordinator, and is now our interim Event Manager. If you’re visiting our taproom, come chat tasting and travel with Taryn!

Clare Brown, Event Assistant 

For all event inquires, please contact Clare at clare@lagershed.com

Clare used to pour the beers here at Shawn & Ed and she’ll still chat you up and throw an interesting party fact your way if you catch her in the taproom. A Carleton University trained journalist, Clare worked in travel and tourism across the country before landing back home in Dundas. If you have an event to plan or party to throw get in touch with our resident inquiring mind.